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For bases used by teams, managing a filtered view in each table for each collaborator's "assigned" records can be a hassle. This custom extension lists records from across the base that have been assigned to the current user through a collaborator field. You can also add a new record linked to the selected collaborator and even link them to unassigned records with a click of a button. Don't use collaborator fields? Switch the extension's settings to search for records in one table linked anywhere else in the base instead. Never lose track of what a record or collaborator has been linked to again.

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  • View records from your tables associated with a specified collaborator

Premium Features

  • Linked Records Mode: Use "link to another record" fields instead of collaborator fields to view records from all tables associated with a specified record
  • Create Linked Records: Create new records pre-linked to the selected collaborator or table record
  • Manage Unassigned Records: Quickly link "unassigned" records to the selected collaborator or table record