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Manage an inventory? Rent out equipment? Need to track who comes in and out of a building? Manage when a record is "out" and "in" with ease using this custom extension! This extension is a customizable wizard which, in its most basic form, allows users to select a Unit record and create a new linked record in a Log table detailing when that record was "checked out" with relevant fields pre-filled to save time. The wizard just as easily allows users to check that unit back in to close out the log and make that unit available for selection once more. Advanced features include tracking a unit's condition over time (i.e. the unit was in "great" condition when it was checked out, but was in "poor" condition when it was checked back in), and the ability to enable an Items table for bases structured where each unit is an instance of a type of item.

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  • Select from "available" units based on Airtable View filters
  • Record when a unit is marked "in" and "out" events to a Log table
  • Track unit condition over time